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The Glen Waverley Middle School years 5-7 Musical 2012


Pinocchio was made by Geppetto, who tries to send him to school and even sells his only coat to buy Pinocchio a textbook. The next day, Pinocchio leaves for school but, on the way, he finds a poster on a wall about a puppet show. Foolishly, he sells his books for a ticket to the show. During the show, the other puppets greet Pinocchio and this disrupts the play, so the Director gets angry and wants to use Pinocchio as firewood. However, Fire Eater (the Director) feels sorry for the boy and lets him go but not before giving him five gold coins for his father. On the way home, Pinocchio meets a Cat and a Fox, who tell him about a Field of Wonders where money grows on trees. All he has to do is plant his coins there. Pinocchio believes them and they travel on together.

Pinocchio buries his coins but when he returns there's no sign of his companions or the promised money tree.

Pinocchio then complains to the Judge who sends him to prison for four months for being foolish. Later the judge feels sorry for the little puppet and releases him. Pinocchio journies on to the Land of Toys, where there is no school and every boy does whatever he pleases. But boys should know that such a place is only trouble and that they will only enjoy their stay for a short while. Soon enough they are turned into donkeys and then sold.

Pinocchio seeks his father and finds out that he's a on a tiny boat about to be swallowed by a huge sea whale. Despite the difficulty, Pinocchio rescues his father and they set off for home together. Pinocchio rescues his father and they set off for home together. Pinocchio finally learns from his mistakes and is transformed into a real live boy.

Suitable for the entire family.

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