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The aim of the Clunes program is the education of the whole person in a community. The program aims to provide an environment for all learners, which is safe, caring, structured, challenging and engaging. In turn the program aims for all learners to be reflective, passionate, enthusiastic and active.

The curriculum is student-centred and often negotiated in a collaborative manner with staff. Students are required to reflect on themselves as learners and examine ways to enhance the learning process.

In the first week of the eight-week program, students are mainly engaged in general housekeeping activities such as issues of safety in the home, household procedures, cooking, hygiene, running a household, budgeting, learning to live with others and the ability to compromise, whilst beginning to explore the local environment. 

In weeks two to seven, the students move beyond the boundaries of the village and begin to explore sites in the local area. The program supports them as they take control of the direction of their studies and they begin to examine physical and personal boundaries in an attempt to find inner meaning. It is at this point that each student’s individual projects begin to take shape, as they negotiate and take increasing responsibility for what they study.

In the final week of the program, they prepare for the time they will return home and prepare for the major presentation to their families. Much time is spent on reflection of the inner journey and the understanding of the learning they have been engaged in at Clunes.

The program is tailored to suit local events within Clunes and the surrounding district and all students are encouraged to involve themselves in activities and events within the local community.

For more information about the Wesley at Clunes program, please click here to view a copy of the General Information booklet