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Learning in Residence FAQ

All the facts about boarding school

Frequently asked questions

Before you commit to enrolling your child in Wesley’s Learning in Residence program, it’s natural to want to know as many facts about boarding school as possible. Below are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Where can I find information on Learning in Residence fees?

Information on domestic and international fees can be requested from our Admissions team at admissions@wesleycollege.net or by calling + 61 3 8102 6508

How do I apply for Learning in Residence?

Applications for both domestic and international students can be made by completing the Application for Enrolment form which can be requested from our Admissions team, or submitted online from the Admissions page on the Wesley College website

Students can elect Learning in Residence in Years 10-12 by ticking the appropriate box on the application form in Item 6. Places are limited and will be allocated by date of application. Further enquiries can be made by contacting our Admissions team at admissions@wesleycollege.net or by calling +61 3 8102 6508.

How will my child be allocated to a residence?

Students are allocated to one of the eight residences according to gender and year level. We also strive to create a cultural mix, to foster diversity and inclusiveness.

Can my child take part in specific activities outside the College?

Yes, they can. We use a Student Residential Management System called REACH to manage leave arrangements, attendance and permissions.

Can my child access food outside designated eating times?

Yes. Students are able to access food outside designated mealtimes if they’re not able to attend the dining hall. Packed lunches are available on weekends, and special events can be arranged with our onsite catering team.

What if my child has specific dietary requirements?

All special dietary needs must be communicated with our caterers who will then ensure that menu options are appropriate.

What happens if my child is unwell?

If a student becomes ill, duty staff will attend and assess the care needed. There is a medical centre on campus, we have nurses on call around the clock, and there are excellent medical facilities all within 15 minutes of the school.

Will my child be allowed off school premises?

All students require an Approved Host Leave Form to leave the school premises. These should be completed and handed to staff on the day of arrival at the campus. Approved Hosts can be changed at any time by emailing Learning in Residence reception.

Can my child visit a friend or guardian overnight?

Parents and guardians are required to provide a detailed list of approved people their child may visit on day leave or stay with overnight.

Is my child allowed access to a car?

Students are not permitted access to their own vehicles on site, and permission from a parent or guardian is required to be a passenger in a car driven by non-family members.
Please note that students planning to take driving lessons will need written parental approval before any arrangements can be made.

Should you still have any questions about Wesley's world-class boarding program, please get in touch.