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Boarding History

Wesley's History as a Top Boarding School in Australia

Born from experience

Learning in Residence History

Wesley’s rich history in boarding spans over a century, including two decades of highly acclaimed outdoor and residential learning programs at Clunes and Yiramalay.

Drawing from this success, Learning in Residence is a new and innovative program that will see Wesley takes its place as a top boarding school in Australia.

Learning in Residence is not new to the College and, in many ways, can rightly be seen as an enduring element of our DNA.

Re-establishing a great tradition

Over the years, Wesley has cemented itself in the hearts and memories of many. Former boarders look back upon their experience with great appreciation.

Like many others, I applaud the decision to revive the boarding house at Wesley. Coming down from Ballarat, I was a boarder for four years. They were good years.
- Professor Geoffrey Blainey AC (OW1947) 
Distinguished Australian historian, author, academic and commentator

Coming from a remote country town, boarding school was a broadening experience that opened up a world of opportunities…Mixing with boarders from all over Australia, playing sport against other independent schools, visiting the theatre and more were events that widened my appreciation of life. The experience of boarding cannot be stressed enough in developing the potential of students. Independent schools are not complete without a boarding house as a central part of their operations as it brings a wider culture to the College through both international and nationwide students all living on the College grounds.
- Hon Peter Nixon AO (OW1946)
Prominent and long-serving former member of Australian Federal Parliament