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Teacher Development

Vision Statement

Wesley College believes that continuous learning lies at the heart of what it means to be educated and supports all staff to learn more about the complex and demanding art of effective teaching and learning. By nurturing a culture that is collaborative and respectful, the College provides an environment where open classrooms are the norm and teachers welcome the opportunity to share and explore effective pedagogies. Teachers are continually challenged to critically reflect on their performance using standards of professional practice, data, feedback, contemporary research and innovative technologies to ensure that the educational experiences of all students are rich and rewarding.

Key Goals

  1. To improve the learning outcomes of every student
  2. To build teacher capacity to deliver high quality practices that are known to improve student learning
  3. To embed a powerful professional learning culture built on a foundation of openness, trust, respect and mutual sharing
  4. To align our programs in a way that is cohesive.

Action Learning Cycle

Wesley College has implemented an Action Learning Model that will drive the work of all teachers in improving their practice. Small groups of three will work collaboratively to identify areas for improvement in teacher practice and student learning and make adjustments where necessary.

Teaching Learning Cycle 

Wednesday Program

The College has set aside Wednesdays 3.30pm - 5.30pm for professional learning for all teaching staff. In this time, staff are expected to participate in campus and school-based teacher development. This is time for staff to engage with their colleagues around issues of teaching and learning. The Wednesday Program is focused on learning and is divided between core pastoral, core curriculum, professional learning teams, action learning teams and professional learning modules.

All full-time teaching staff are expected to be available for this time and part-time teaching staff attend on a pro-rata basis or by negotiation.

R. G. Menzies Fellowships

The R. G. Menzies Research Fellowships for teachers are named in honour of one of Wesley's most famous alumni, Sir Robert Menzies, Prime Minister of Australia, (1939-1941 and 1949-1966). The award of a fellowship enables teachers to be seconded from the classroom to undertake research in an area of interest to the Wesley College Institute. Fellowships are awarded for the period of a semester or whole academic school year.

The Institute has awarded three R. G. Menzies Fellowships.