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A unique aspect of the Wesley College Institute is the benefit it brings to the College and to the wider community as a centre for educational research.  It is already proving how strong the research connections can be between the school sector and developments in academia.

Research is supported through the provision of the R. G. Menzies Research Fellowships for Teachers. The awarding of a fellowship enables teachers to be seconded from the classroom to undertake research in an area of interest to the Wesley College Institute.

The impact of the learning environment on learners and learning: Clunes as a case in point

The research project explored the nature of learning that occurs at a residential campus of a school such as Wesley at Clunes.

Alternative secondary applied learning options: a case study

The 2008 R. G. Menzies Fellow project was an analysis of effective applied learning programs that operate in different states of Australia.

Impact of Bunuba Walmajarryi Primary Years Programme unit of enquiry on teacher understandings

This research project investigates the effectiveness of programs such as the Wesley College Bunuba/Walmajarri unit in terms of changing understandings of Indigenous ways of knowing by non-Indigenous teachers and will form the basis of a publication for the Australian College of Educators.

Digital Education – comparison in attitudes

This project investigates the impact of relationships between teachers and students in a digital learning environment. Feedback has indicated that this area of research has not been investigated before and the findings should contribute valuable information to this area of education.

The impact on students of programs such as the Primary Years Programme Indigenous Bunuba/Walmajarri unit of inquiry within the trans disciplinary theme "How do we express ourselves" and with the central idea of "we discover more when we reflect upon other ways of knowing"

This project will be an analysis of the effectiveness of this program in relation to developing intercultural understanding in an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme context.

Proposed Projects 2010/2011

Bunuba online Language and Culture Project

Work continues on the next major project for the Institute: "Bunuba Language and Culture Project". This will build on the work of the Bunuba/Walmajarri project.


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