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Wesley College Institute

The Wesley College Institute

The primary function of the Wesley College Institute is to build ideas for education, through research and teacher education, for the benefit of students, teachers, the educational community and society at large.

An integral part of Wesley College, it harnesses creative competencies through connections with partners such as universities, community organisations and philanthropic groups. It encourages a culture of learning, reflection and connection in the College to advance educational practice and contribute to community debate.

The Institute has been instrumental in a number of projects of national and international significance. Such projects allow Wesley staff to further their understanding of educational issues, in both an academic and practical context, by undertaking projects on secondment. This places Wesley teachers at the forefront of international educational research.

This is done through the Institute’s commitment to fostering teacher professional development and its active interest in:
  • Exploring new frameworks for learning
  • Building sustainable cross-cultural relationships for learning
  • Transforming teaching and learning practices with technology
It strives to fulfil three important roles which will operate in synergy:
  • An observatory of excellence, monitoring world's best practice in education
  • A laboratory of innovation where ideas are generated, translated, implemented and evaluated
  • A conservatory of ideas, embodying the memory, heritage and identity of the College as a leader in educational innovation

The Institute was launched in July 2005 by the Founding Patron, Sir Gustav Nossal, and is supported by a talented Research Advisory Committee representing diverse fields of human endeavour including medicine, community and education. The committee gives support and advice on the development of the Wesley College Institute and offers suggestions to further advance the educational goals of the Institute and the College.

The development of partnerships with other institutions is central to the vision, implementation, progress and continuity of the Wesley College Institute, through research projects initiated within the Institute, by its Research Advisory Committee or proposed by others, and by undertaking projects sponsored by public and private organisations.