Wesley College Melbourne Australia
Wesley College alumni

OWCA Executive


Jack Ayerbe (OW1963)

Belinda Danks-Woodley (OW2004)

Vice President

Kate Evans (OW1998)


Chris Foster-Ramsay (OW1999)

College Head

Ian Thomas (OW1982)


Frank Opray (OW1963)

Scott Hudson (OW1993)

Tim Foster (OW2003)

Anastasia Malishev (OW1995)

Rob Wylde (OW2004)

Affiliates Liaison

Jack Moshakis (OW1973)
Director, Foundation and Alumni

Mark Hibbins (OW1978)

Are you interested in becoming involved? The OWCA is always looking for new input. Please contact 

Ian Thomas (OW1982), College Head, OWCA
(03) 8102 6475 or ian.thomas@wesleycollege.net

Zena Eastburn, OWCA
(03) 8102 6750 or zena.eastburn@wesleycollege.net

Cameron Evans, Alumni Relations OWCA
(03) 8102 6695 or cameron.evans@wesleycollege.net