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Posted 8 August 2017

Year 10 students undertook a week of work experience during the last week of Term 2. Work experience prepares students for life after school, giving them an insight into the world of work and career possibilities, and enabling them to gain a greater understanding of a work environment.

Students’ placements were in diverse businesses and organisations such as hospitals, ACMI, jewellery design, radio, film production and ski patrolling.

Read some of our students’ reflections below:


I went to Nova Entertainment for my work experience. They host Melbourne radio shows and also do shows for other cities in Australia. I worked in the radio stations and also in sales, music production, design and script writing.

Everyone was kind and welcoming and the environment was very inclusive and energetic. I learnt a lot more about what happens in the background of radio. It was incredible to see how all the aspects of the business connected to make the show. This experience has encouraged me to find a similar environment, group of people and passion that I experienced.

Wesley work experience

Natalie working in the Smooth radio host booth


I did my work experience at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. I was mainly in Theatre with an anaesthetist, as well as with a surgeon. I didn’t realise how many people were in the operating theatre at once, and how important each person was. I also didn’t know how much preparation goes into each surgery.

The highlight of my experience was seeing what it is like in theatre from the operation perspective. I also enjoyed meeting people in the career path that I want to go into. My experience at the hospital has opened my eyes up to many new careers.


I did my work experience at WTFN, a production company which creates shows such as The Living Room, Vet on the Hill, Bondi Vet and Coxy’s Big Break. Recently they have started producing videos for Car Advice which give potential buyers a look at the car. I learnt that there is a lot more which goes on behind the scenes, such as sales and set management.

A highlight was making a short film about the Car Advice team. This involved planning, filming, producing and editing a video.This experience has definitely strengthened my passion for film-making.


For my work experience I went to Jasmine Fraser – Fine Handmade Jewellery. Jasmine’s business creates stunning pieces of jewellery and occasionally does restorations and evaluations.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to create a wax mould that was cast in silver. As jewellery making was not a field I knew much about prior to work experience, simply following the day-to-day activities of the workers was extremely interesting.

While I know that a career in jewellery making is not for me, I did learn that I want to work in a creative environment and do something I am passionate about.

Wesley work experience

This image shows the process and final ring Emma created


I worked at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI). ACMI displays films, games and anything to do with the moving image. I was able to work on different exhibitions, including The magic of Aardman focusing on stop motion animation, and Code Breakers, women in games. I tested the games made for the code breakers exhibition and gave my opinion on many aspects from colour scheme to finalising quotes.

A highlight was being asked to run a series of focus groups with people my age (16-18) to help get the perspective of the teenage audience on an upcoming exhibition. Looking behind the scenes has given me a greater appreciation for how much work goes into every aspect of exhibitions.


I worked at the Austin Hospital in the emergency department, in all units including triage, paediatrics, short stay and the regular emergency cubicles. The highlight of my placement was seeing first hand people coming in with injuries and illnesses and watching the processes of diagnosing, categorising and treatment being undertaken. 

Working at the hospital has confirmed both my love of helping people and my interest into the science of diseases and the human body. Even though I will have to work very hard in the next couple of years, I am dedicated to my dream of becoming a doctor. 


I was placed in the environmental unit at Stonnington city council. The environmental crew work together to make Stonnington a more sustainable environment for people to live.

I developed skills to interact with my peers and it was a really friendly and supportive environment. I really enjoyed being outside to work and I’m sure that’s something I want to be included in my job when I’m older.  

Wesley work experience

Eva planted this garden bed during her work experience


I did work experience for an interior designer, who runs Belinda Wandaller Design. Her main tasks involve designing, drawing, sourcing products, project management, dealing with clients, maintaining relationships and keeping up with the trends.

The highlight was visiting client’s houses and seeing the progress from before to after. This allowed me to get a real feel for the process involved in being an interior designer. I also enjoyed seeing the fine details and planning that goes into creating the interior for a client’s house.


I worked at Mt Buller Ski Lifts with the ski patrol. Their priority is to be on scene at any accidents that happen across the mountain. When no one was in danger our job was to ‘de-ice’ boundaries like fences and poles that mark hazards, and generally maintain the mountain.

I was able to help out the patrollers when they’re on scene at an injury. Some of the serious injuries we had were a broken humerus, broken nose and a fractured femur. I wasn’t too sure what career I wanted  but after working at ski patrol it became a very valid option for me.

Wesley work experience


I worked in many areas of the Richmond Football Club including membership, the store, accounts, community and the footy department. I organised the players’ gear for the upcoming game and training sessions and also helped out with their training. I now know how much work goes into running an AFL club and realise it’s more like a business than a club. It’s reassured me that I’d really like to do something involved in sport.

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