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Posted 20 July 2017

Canstruction at Elsternwick Wesley College

Last year, a very special partnership was formed between Wesley College Elsternwick campus and the Richmond Churches Food Centre. When the Social Justice leaders at Elsternwick heard that over 400 people in need visit the food centre to collect food parcels each week, they immediately wanted to get involved in the grassroots initiative.

For Years 8 and 9 students, the opportunity arose to take a hands-on approach by volunteering for one morning a fortnight to pack food parcels for Melburnians who would otherwise go hungry. One year on, the partnership is going from strength to strength and students are learning the value of local volunteering.

“Before coming here, we were unaware of how large the low-income population of Melbourne is and how crucial services like these are in the community. We were inspired by the fact that the centre is community-funded and staffed by only 15 or so volunteers from the local Richmond churches and wanted to help them out,” said James, Year 9 student.

Canstruction at Elsternwick Wesley College

Canstruction at Elsternwick Wesley College

Canstruction at Elsternwick Wesley College

In addition to volunteering, Prep to Year 9 students at Elsternwick collected cans of food for the Richmond Food Centre. Last year, over 1000 cans were donated.

At the end of last term, Wesley Elsternwick held a ‘CAN-struction’ event that saw more than 1700 cans of food donated to the Richmond Churches Food Centre.

The CAN-struction event, organised as a House competition was led by the Social Justice leaders. A collection station was set up under the Thankfulness Tree outside Fitchett Hall. Students were encouraged to donate cans of food, such as soup, tuna, vegetables or baked beans.

Wesley Elsternwick Social Justice Captain, Emily, hopes that the opportunities to donate and volunteer will give every student a chance to be involved. “Every part of the process is vital so that the Richmond Food Centre recipients receive the food they so desperately need. Collecting cans at school right through to handing out the food at the end, every action counts,” she explained.

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