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Kim Beazley speaks at Samuel Alexander Lecture

Posted 26 June 2017

Speaking to a packed Adamson Hall of more than 650 people, Kim Beazley was a compelling orator who was clear, precise and challenging. The audience enjoyed his extensive and ‘real’ knowledge, which gave them fascinating insights into a world that most are rarely privy to.

Samuel Alexander Lecture 2017 Kim Beazley

Fifty Wesley students also had the opportunity to meet and hear from Kim Beazley in a private session, where they participated in a Question & Answer forum. 

Samuel Alexander Lecture 2017 Kim Beazley

Read some of our students’ reflections from the Public Questions Society event:

It was a true honour and a privilege to have been in the room to listen to Mr Beazley’s talk and it is something I will never forget. It was also interesting to learn and hear about the inner workings and closed door meetings that took place, even conversations, between Beazley, Prime Ministers and Presidents alike.

Thomas Pewtress, Year 11

Samuel Alexander Lecture 2017 Kim Beazley

We were all very honoured that Kim Beazley came to speak to us and answer our questions. I learnt a lot about the international relationship between Australia and America and media representation. 

Rachel Wong, Year 11

Samuel Alexander Lecture 2017 Kim Beazley

I think the opportunity to hear Kim Beazley speak was amazing. It really opened my eyes to a completely different perspective on what is possibly one of the most controversial issues we face today. What he was talking about is certainly not something you would get to hear from most people or on social media.

James Nankervis, Year 10

Samuel Alexander Lecture 2017 Kim Beazley

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