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Get Smart

Get Smart

Get Smart

by Christopher Sergel

Based on the original television series by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry

Our Middle School students will be having the time of their young lives romping their way through this hilarious send-up of a famous 1960s television series which was itself a comedy for the ages in its own send-up of the espionage/secret agent genre. Chief spy for the government agency CONTROL, Maxwell Smart (which, by the way, he isn’t), the alluring Agent 99 and the unflappable “Chief” were amongst the most beloved characters of their time, and their fame has, by word-of-mouth and endless parodying over decades, survived intact. Get Smart was what the Americans so rightly term “screwball comedy”, in which clever writing and nonsensical plots combined to give us the complete laugh-out loud experience, when television-watching was family fun-time.

Our heroic triumvirate is devoted to the cause of Liberty (name the American agency that isn’t) and this time arch-foe KAOS has engaged on a plot of diabolical proportions: kidnap a scientist and harness his discoveries to blow up the Statue of Liberty and strike a blow from which America simply won’t recover. Sound plausible? The nonsense that unfolds will have you as delighted as those long-ago television audiences. Our love of crazy comedy has never retreated, and the great lines and situations just keep on coming.

Our large cast of young talented students will thoroughly enjoy acquainting themselves with a classic comic genre dependent on timing, nuance and tone, delivering the kind of escapist entertainment beloved of all ages, and for all times.

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