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Aladdin Junior


Everyone loved the 1992 Disney animation of this beloved Arabian Nights tale, and was enchanted all over again with the full scale Broadway musical based on it. Now in this pared-down version for younger performers – a prologue and seven scenes, 70 minutes running time – all the essential elements are still there for a gorgeous theatre experience in the sure hands of the ATC’s up-and-coming stage talent. 

This story of entrapment, romantic entanglement, and eventual liberation, is packed with a gallery of heroes and villains – the street urchin Aladdin, the adorable and feisty Princess Jasmine, the scheming Jafar and his side-kick parrot Iago, and, of course, the gracious and powerful Genie. Then just add some great tunes and exciting plot twists. One of the big theatre moments of recent years is Aladdin’s and Jasmine’s magic carpet ride to the accompaniment of the inspiring words and music of ‘A Whole New World’, a precious moment not to be missed. 

 In this incident-filled hour of fun and melody, our hero will circumvent some tight situations with a deft rub or two of the Genie’s lamp. But make sure you are along to help out too.

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