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Miss Saigon

Miss Saigon

The writers and composers of the world’s most loved musical, Les Miserables, once again hit all emotional and musical buttons in this spectacular stage experience, based loosely on Madame Butterfly, and set against the ruinous American military intervention in Vietnam. But like its predecessor, Miss Saigon embeds its political themes in a love story simultaneously tragic and inspiring, set to a soaring score that embraces both heart and mind. And this provides a wonderful opportunity once again for our talented Senior School singers and actors to display their artistry.

Schonberg and Boubil demonstrate their brilliance for combining the epic and the personal in songs that are powerful and touching, as the improbable love between a US soldier and a Vietnamese girl plays out against a background of the cruelties of this war, set alongside exquisite moments of tenderness and human decency. At its heart, the musical score communicates a timeless message of the supremacy of love in violent times, while still revealing the pathos and humour in the follies of men.

This is the perfect combination for a riveting musical and emotional experience, in the manner of its beloved predecessor. And naturally the fall of Saigon, so brilliantly constructed and choreographed, and that famous helicopter landing, will be just one of the many enthralling features of this memorable staging of epic musical theatre.
Please note: this production contains mature themes that may not be suitable for young audiences.

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