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Video games: The blurry line between passion and addiction

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Video games

With 25 years of gaming experience and nearly 15 years of wellbeing and teaching experience, Andrew Kinch’s skill set is primed to tackle this issue by using his intelligent gaming strategies to help students enjoy their video games without it being the number one priority in their lives. 

Video games are very creative in The Monday Series is a forum for all parents at Wesley College, offering information and discussion sessions on topics of current interest. Family members, staff and friends of the Wesley College community are welcome to attend. their storytelling and offer a thrill packed experience that takes us to places we wouldn’t otherwise be able to go. However, students can overstep the line where video games take up too much of their time and affects them in ways they don’t expect. 

Approaching game “addictions” with experience based strategies and current information on the psychology of games, the goal for this Monday Series is to assist in reducing excessive gaming, educate parents and achieve a win-win scenario around gaming within your family dynamic.

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