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The Witches

Middle School Play Witches Wesley College play 

Across the centuries, witches have long received a bad press. Maybe no one is quite sure whether they mean harm, or are merely there to amuse us. In this faithful stage adaptation of a classic Roald Dahl story, they are of the disturbingly sinister kind, and will need to be put in their place. A boy and his grandmother are on hand to do just that, when they stumble upon a witches’ conference in an English seaside hotel. This particular coven is planning to rid the world of children by turning them into mice. Teachers and parents may consider this a not entirely undesirable objective.  

And these witches are disarmingly like ordinary women, which of course opens up all sorts of theatrical possibilities in the areas of deception and illusion. The result is an utterly beguiling stage experience, as Boy (turned mouse) and his vulgar companion Bruno (also turned mouse), with some help from Grannie, thwart the worst that these witches, not immediately identifiable by pointy hats and broomsticks, can do. 

 All in all, everyone is in for a wicked and wonderful time, both on stage and in the audience. This verminous entertainment comes with a high ‘hiss-and-boo’ rating and, being a Roald Dahl story, adults too will engage with the sly and darker humour lurking behind the frivolous exterior. It’s confectionery for all tastes. 

 From the book by Roald Dahl. Adapted for the stage by David Wood.

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