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Principal's Lines: 2016 Reflection

23 November 2016

Boarding returns to Wesley

We are approaching the end our year-long celebration of the blessings this school has delivered its generations of students over one hundred and fifty years, and no doubt everyone is feeling a bit exhausted, but hopefully in a good way. The way so many of our alumni, past and present staff, present students, and parents have been brought together to enjoy their common Wesley heritage (or soon to be) has been inspirational for me personally. The commemorations have been comprehensive and varied, with something for different age groups to enjoy. Dinners, music, performances, reflections from the young, and the still young-at-heart, historical insights and just plain good company have together shown Wesley at its communal best. The archival material accompanying some of the get-togethers has stirred the heart too, because we have been constantly reminded of where we have come from, and the debts we owe the past. There have been lessons for me as the Principal: visions for our immediate and long term futures often have their origins in the wisdom of the past. Values and principles established by our founders continue to travel with us through time.

There was also understandably much anticipation for the opening of the new Learning in Residence buildings and program, a comprehensive initiative that will transform the educational experience for Years 10, 11 and 12 students at the Glen Waverley campus. This new contemporary and unique model of boarding, integrated into the day-to-day life of the Senior School, will have enormous impact, and the 30 students who started the program in September will doubtless feel a similar excitement to those of the Syndal pioneers fifty years ago, when this campus was established. And they will have reason to, for the new buildings are of a modern design and the integrated program will mean that student traffic will be very much two-way. 

With further honouring of our past to come in 2016, and our future plans consistently being developed, I am sure you will agree, the spirit of the school is as strong as ever in our 150th year.

With best wishes to all

Helen Drennen

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