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All applications are prioritised based on the date of receipt of the application and many families choose to submit applications shortly after their child is born. A further priority is given to siblings of current students and the children of Old Wesley Collegians, but early application is strongly advised, to secure a place.

Application Fee

A $200 fee is payable with an application for enrolment. This fee is neither refundable nor transferable. This fee is waived for the children and grandchildren of Old Wesley Collegians. 

Confirmation Fee

A Confirmation Fee of $1,200 is payable to confirm enrolment. This fee is neither refundable nor transferable.

A Tuition Contribution Fee* of $2,800 is payable to ensure the position is reserved at the nominated year level. This payment is deducted from the first account after the student has commenced Prep if enrolling in the ECLC or the first account after commencement for all new students Prep-Year 12. This fee is most commonly deducted from the April account, is not refundable, nor able to be deferred to a future year level, nor transferable to another student.

*Refer to Enrolment Procedures - Domestic for full details

Annual Fees

Fees are made up of four compulsory components – a Tuition Fee, a Learning Technology Fee, a Consolidated Charge and an International Student Levy (Temporary Residents only):

  • The Tuition Fee, the Learning Technology Fee and the International Student Levy (if applicable) are payable in advance on 1 October 2018 for Semester 1 2019, and are billed on 1 April 2019 for Semester 2 2019
  • The Consolidated Charge is billed during the year of tuition on 1 April 2019 for Semester 1 2019 and on 1 October 2019 for Semester 2 2019. Year 12 students will be billed their annual Consolidated Charge in full on 1 April 2019, together with the final Tuition Fee
  • No GST is applicable to either the Tuition Fee, the Learning Technology Fee or the International Student Levy. The Consolidated Charge, however, includes some services to which GST is applicable.

All school fees and other charges are payable within 30 days of the date of the account. The College Secretary & Bursar is authorised by the Wesley College Council to take whatever steps are deemed necessary to recover overdue accounts.

Learning Technology Fee payable in two, half yearly instalments

A notebook computer is provided for Years 5-12 students. The charge for ECLC-Year 4 is $0, Years 5 & 6 is $800 per annum and Years 7-12 $1,200 per annum.

International Student Levy payable in two, half yearly instalments

The International Student Levy of $4,360 applies to all Temporary Resident students and is applied per family, not per student.

*Should residency status change, please provide evidence to Wesley College. Any account adjustment will be made from the date of advice to the College. 

Consolidated Charge payable in two, half yearly instalments

This charge covers extras such as some excursions, Library resources, the College diary and yearbook, some textbooks in early years and some stationery. It also covers materials for the laboratory curriculum, study centre and career centre.

The charge for ECLC is $744, Prep - Year 3 is $880, Year 4 is $1,220 and Years 5-12 is $1,870.

This charge also covers camps held in Years 4–10, with the exception of the Year 9 Clunes Program and Year 10 Yiramalay Induction Program, which are billed separately.

Early Childhood Part-time Attendance

Students at the Early Childhood Learning Centres (ECLC) at Elsternwick and Glen Waverley have the option of attending the College part-time. In these cases, the Tuition Fee and the Consolidated Charge will be billed pro rata, depending on the days per week the student is booked to attend.

Year 9 Clunes Program

The total cost for the Year 9 Clunes program is $4,750 for the eight-week term that the student is at Clunes. This cost is in addition to the Tuition Fees and Consolidated Charge, and will be billed prior to the student attending Clunes.

Year 10 Yiramalay Induction Program

The total cost for the three-week Year 10 Yiramalay Induction Program is $3,750 (including airfares). This cost is in addition to the Tuition Fee and Consolidated Charge, and will be billed prior to the student attending Yiramalay.

Notice of Withdrawal

One term's notice in writing to the Head of Campus is required advising the withdrawal of a student from the College, otherwise a charge equivalent to one term's fees will apply.


Family Discounts

At Wesley, coeducation is central to our vision for learning, as is our commitment to keeping children in one family together.

A family discount applies to the Tuition Fee only, where three or more children are at Wesley College, and the discount is 20% for the third child and 50% for the fourth and any subsequent children.*

* A 10% discount for a second child is also available when a third child has commenced and enrolments are concurrent

If you are eligible for the discount, it is automatically applied to your account.

The family discount does not apply to the Consolidated Charge, Learning Technology Fee or any other fees and charges that are billed to your account.

Families who have been granted other forms of fee assistance may not be entitled to family discounts.

Early Payment Discount

A discount of 2.5% is available if the total annual fees are paid in advance eg 2020 fees paid by 31 October 2019.

The discount applies to the Tuition Fees and Consolidated Charge only.

Student Accident Insurance

Wesley College prides itself on the level of care and the provision of a safe learning environment for all students.

Even in the safest environment, accidents and injuries can still occur. The College Council, recognising there may be costs associated with student injuries, has purchased a “Group Student Accident Policy” which is provided free to all families.

Methods of Payment

Fees and charges may be paid by:

  • Cheque
  • Credit card - MasterCard and Visa (surcharge fees apply)
  • Charge card - American Express (surcharge fees apply)
  • BPAY (surcharge fees apply for credit cards) or
  • Payment Plan/Funding Options (where applicable)

Additional Information

Please note that fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change, at the discretion of the College.

Financial Management Options

Financial management strategies can assist families to plan for the future cost of independent school education. View the range of funding options here.

We strongly recommend families seek independent financial advice on the choices available that suits your needs.