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International Baccalaureate Diploma

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) is a two-year pre-university curriculum for Senior School students.

The IB Diploma is characterised by its:

  • Academic breadth, depth and rigour which are recognised by universities world-wide
  • Emphasis on the promotion of international awareness among students
  • Attention to developing socially responsible citizens of the world with an awareness of global perspectives

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Requirements of the IB Diploma

Students are required to study six subjects, to be chosen from the following groups or areas of learning: 

IB program

  • Undertake a transdisciplinary study – Theory of Knowledge – that enables understanding and appreciation of the issues associated with knowledge (its creation and use), knowing (its challenges) and the knower (vulnerabilities, responsibilities etc.)
  • Engage in a Creativity, Action and Service programme (CAS) – in essence this engagement is aimed at engagement with self and community in a manner that enables personal development learning through service and interaction with others, particularly those different from themselves in some way
  • Undertake an extended investigative study – the Extended Essay – through which they acquire a first-hand experience of the academic research, writing and reflection processes that pertain to a chosen subject of interest 

It is compulsory for students to select a subject from each of Groups 1 to 5. For a sixth subject, students would normally choose a subject from Group 6 or from one of the other subject groups. Three of the subjects are studied at Higher Level and the remaining three studied at Standard Level.

The goal of the International Baccalaureate is to educate the whole person and to make active, responsible, and compassionate citizens of students. To be eligible for the IB Diploma, students must fulfill the Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) requirement.

Students must also complete an Extended Essay, an in-depth study (4,000 words) of a topic chosen by the student. This is completed within a particular subject and is written in English, unless being completed in the students Language A or B.

Students are also required to study the Theory of Knowledge (TOK), a subject which helps students to explore, through a multidisciplinary approach, the basis of knowledge and the nature of knowing.

All decisions regarding a students’ selection of an academic program are made in consultation with Senior School staff. The students’ level of English will be taken into consideration when making final decisions.