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Wesley College benefits of coeducation

Benefits of Coeducation

At Wesley, we believe coeducation is the best way to prepare girls and boys for the world in which they will live. Coeducation is fundamental to our vision of learning, which includes learning to live with others. 

In 2018, we celebrate the 40-year anniversary of the introduction of coeducation at Wesley. Hear from our principal and teachers about our culture of coeducation:

As part of a True education, coeducation at Wesley is a contemporary and compelling choice that offers many benefits and advantages, including those outlined below. 

Fostering inclusiveness and interaction

  • Girls and boys collaborate and learn from one another, fostering mutual respect, understanding, support and friendship among peers of mixed gender.
  • Students learn in an inclusive setting in which everyone understands their value, and has equal opportunity to participate actively.
  • Girls and boys work together in ways that enable them to better experience and celebrate both their differences and similarities.  
  • Our comprehensive coeducational school program includes a rich array of cocurricular activities – sport, music, visual and performing arts, outdoor education and community service – that encourage engagement and camaraderie between girls and boys. 

Celebrating and embracing difference

  • Our teachers recognise that every girl and boy is an individual. They are skilled at developing students with diverse learning needs, abilities and interests. 
  • Wesley creates a safe and supportive environment, where every girl and boy feels confident to be themselves, to explore their talents and to express themselves as individuals.
  • We encourage critical questioning and debate among our students in a coeducational school setting.

Preparation for life beyond school

  • Growing up and learning in a mixed-gender environment provides an excellent foundation for the development of respectful and enduring social relationships.
  • Students learn within a natural, authentic context that is carefully designed to support their development as well-rounded individuals.
  • Girls and boys hold school leadership positions across all areas of learning, providing all students with both female and male role models.
  • We nurture and encourage young girls and boys to develop their strengths and independence, and to flourish as future leaders.