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A True Education

Learning to Live With

Learning to live together and learning to live with others, to share knowledge for mutual benefit, is probably the major issue in education today.

Developing an understanding of others and an appreciation of inter-dependence in a spirit of respect for the values of diversity, mutual understanding and peace, also brings to the fore an awareness of social responsibility which comes from learning to live with others.

Wesley teaches more than literacy and numeracy. We teach students how to understand the world through cultural and international awareness. This encourages children to appreciate the wider world and understand their place in it. We also focus on belonging to communities and learning to live in a global community.


Living together harmoniously in society and learning from one another is more important now than ever before. This applies to learning from the other gender as much as learning from other cultures. Coeducation allows students to develop social skills and understanding of one another, which is critical in learning to live and to work together for a better world.


The Clunes program for Year 9 students takes place at a purpose-built residential campus, situated some 35 kilometres from Ballarat. Over the course of eight weeks the program provides students with the opportunity to learn about themselves, the wider community and our Australian culture, all within the unique setting of a small Victorian country town.

The Wesley Community

Wesley students are part of a wider family, which includes the Society for the Arts, the Wesley College Foundation, the Sapere Aude Society and the Old Wesley Collegians Association (OWCA). These connections can last a lifetime.

Experiencing Other Cultures

Wesley offers many opportunities for students to visit other countries, either as members of a sporting or cultural group, or by joining our partnership programs with schools in Asia and Europe. Students involved in our international programs return enriched by more than new cultural knowledge and sharper language skills. In living and working with people from other countries, they gain a deep understanding that – regardless of race, religion or nationality – people have many common and unifying characteristics. Being a part of the world community is a vital part of a Wesley education.

School Partnerships

Our school partnerships involve both students and staff and we have a number of partnerships with schools around the world.