Wesley College Melbourne Australia
A True Education

Learning to Know

Learning to know is not just about acquiring a body of knowledge and mastering the instruments of knowledge. It is essentially about learning how to learn which is critical at every stage of our lives no matter what we’re doing or how old we think we are.

Education has traditionally been about acquiring knowledge. It used to be enough to teach children how to read, to write and to understand arithmetic.

While our curriculum certainly starts with numeracy and literacy, it expands much further to include a rich and varied choice of subjects such as Philosophy, Media, Mandarin, Photography and the world of business, to name but a few.

Wesley also offers the International Baccalaureate Primary Years (PYP) and Middle Years (MYP) Programme across all campuses, a unique Year 9 term at Clunes, the Yiramalay/Wesley Studio School and an extensive choice of subjects within the VCE, VET and IB Diploma Programme in the Senior Schools.

The Early Years

Our Early Learning Centres (ELC) encourage children as young as three to develop a love of learning. The environment and programs in our ELCs are inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy and reflect the College commitment to the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate. Children explore the joys of learning by observing, listening and experimenting, and learn to make sense of the world by using imagination and reason.

The Primary Years

The development of creativity is valued equally with the pursuit of academic excellence in the primary years. Literacy and numeracy is the focus of learning, although students also engage in a range of science and humanities subjects to ensure the curriculum has breadth and depth. As students move into upper primary, the curriculum branches out into a wider range of subjects with a choice of languages offered, and laptops introduced to give students access to information and communication technology literacies.

The Middle Years

Students begin to grow towards independence in the middle years, therefore, we encourage them to take control of their learning activities to create individually based outcomes. This is also a time of questioning and uncertainty so Wesley makes an active effort to ensure learning is meaningful and relevant. We offer a range of science and humanities subjects which include Environmental Science, and Religious Studies as well as an extensive Languages other than English program with a choice of European and Asian languages.The introduction of the International Baccalaureate’s Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) curriculum framework in 2013 has enhanced the benefits of learning in the middle years at Wesley.

The Senior Years

The senior years are all about making choices and achieving results. We help students to choose career paths and life directions for themselves. Our career counsellors and tertiary transition courses help them to make choices that will deliver the best results, not just in terms of ENTER scores and marks, but for their life direction and personal goals. Wesley offers VCE, VET and IB Diploma and has an excellent record of achievements in all three.