Wesley College Melbourne Australia
A True Education

Learning to Do

Learning to do is equally important. Learning how to apply knowledge and how to act with knowledge in a discerning way is essential, too. From learning to do, we also learn more about learning to know and about learning to live with and learning to be.

"Tell people what to do and they forget; show them what to do and they remember; let them actually do it themselves and finally, they understand" - Confucius. This is why we encourage students to explore, experiment, discover, and most of all, to do so many different things at Wesley.


Wesley has long been renowned for the excellence of its performances and achievements in the Arts, especially in music, theatre and the visual arts. All students are encouraged to participate in our arts programs as we have found participation not only unveils talent, it also builds confidence in a creative, stimulating way.

Outdoor Education

Learning at Wesley is not restricted to the classroom. We provide extensive learning experiences-education in the outdoors-at our residential camps at Healesville, Paynesville and Portland. These diverse locations offer experiences in forest and foothills, inland and coastal waterways and rural hinterland environments.


Great emphasis is given to the value of sport at the College. All children are encouraged to take part in what is an integral part of a Wesley education, and a rich array of 19 Associated Public Schools (APS) sports is offered to accommodate everyone’s interests and talents.


From Prep to Year 12, great importance is placed at all levels on technology, including computers and multimedia. Information and communication technology is much more than a tool: it encourages new ways of thinking, interaction with new audiences and enables links with a global community.