Wesley College Melbourne Australia
A True Education

Learning to Be


Learning to be, so as to better oneself and to be able to act with greater autonomy, judgement and personal responsibility, is the ultimate life long goal as we try consciously to ensure that knowledge continuously acquired helps us to improve ourselves, as individuals, as members of families and communities, as citizens, inventors, creative dreamers, and ultimately in our basic function as human beings.

Wesley is not just a school. It is also a journey of self-discovery where over a period of 13 years students learn gradually about themselves. The learning begins in our primary years where we encourage students to develop a sense of belonging, to learn who they are, and how they learn.

The journey continues in the junior years when students start to spread their wings mentally and physically. Teams of teachers work with groups of students to know them well and to explore methods of learning best suited to them. Time is also spent on "coping skills", where we teach students how to deal with the normal difficult situations and feelings experienced in everyday living.

The middle years is where students begin to grow towards independence and self-reliance. They need to feel that they are making their own choices so we encourage development of a wide range of skills that help them to do so.

The journey ends in the senior years where career counsellors help students to choose their career paths and life direction.


In Year 9 students have the opportunity to spend a term at Wesley’s residential campus at Clunes. This is a time of searching for meaning and purpose, for discovering friendship, building resilience and growing wise. It is experiential learning at its best.